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What our clients said about us ?

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

"I never knew how hard it would be to move my business from one coast to another. "

"In order to get the job done I hired the Movers La which was referred to me by a friend of mine. They took care of everything from disconnecting wires to packing all my office equipment. They made sure all the material was packed properly then loaded and transported to the new place. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is planning on moving. "

- Tyriq Sawh

15 Feb 2016

"I was confused about how to move. "

"I had absolutely no idea how a relocation company worked and what to expect from them. After researching online I hired the Movers La. The staff seemed very professional they came to me and explained me my options. The staff knew what they were talking about and I was finally convinced to let them help me move my things. The entire experience of moving was made so much easier with the Movers La group's trained staff, they stood by their promise of offering excellent services. They are now officially my go-to company for all of my moving needs. "

Mike Trouts.

10 Feb 2016

"My company has several offices nationwide."

"We as a team have to move from one office to the other, we definitely understand what it means by relocating. Our company uses Movers La for all of its moving needs and they have never disappointed us. Their men are knowledgeable, professional, punctual and very skilled. All our possessions are moved or stored securely. They never put an extra charge and their prices are always reasonable. "

John Smith

8 Feb 2016

"I was relocating for my job in Washington"

" I had no idea how to move my things and it seriously was stressing me out. Planning and organizing the entire move gave me a headache each time. After talking to our circle of friends. A friend suggested me to hire Movers La as our moving company. My friend told me about her experience with the company and how she has to move because of work almost every other month. After listening to her story it made me realize it shouldn't be so hard. I talked to the guys at Movers La; they did an exceptional job in helping us move. They took care of every detail, many of which I wouldn't have even considered. "


06 Feb 2016

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Larry Ben

Greensboro, NC

"I work at a company where we have satellite offices around the world. "

"I knew very little about moving services then I was introduced to Movers La by one of my colleagues and ever since setting up employee international transfers has been so easy. The local relocation agents and myself are on a first name basis. Movers La has been a great help the movers are professional, intelligent and very friendly. The price is always right and there's definitely a reason why our company has been using Movers La as our exclusive moving company. "


05 Feb 2016

"I am someone who is relocated frequently from one continent to another."

"Being part of the upper management I have no time to pack, move my possessions or set everything before hand. At times like these I hate moving my things more than I hate my job. Lucky for me I found Movers La as my moving company. They are now my go-to moving company and I absolutely love their service. I think it's best for people like myself who have to relocate so often. It is the best money I have ever spent. They literally take care of everything and all I have to worry about is the bill. "

Sara Smith

03 Feb 2016

"We have a huge family; we are a moving company's nightmare."

"We have seven children, a dog and a cat. My husband's company transferred him to Europe last year we had no idea how to move from North America to Europe. Initially we decided not to move but then on second thought we agreed to move mainly because of this one amazing moving company Movers La. Moving was a hassle I really didn't want to put myself through. The professionals at Movers La made it sound so simple and easy. They packed all of our belongings with so much care and effort. I recommend them for all sorts of moving issues they really mean what they say! "


02 Feb 2016

"First time moving out of my little town. I found a brilliant job across the coast."

"I was so excited to begin however the only thing that was stressing me out was the thought of moving to a new place and most importantly the packing! I had no idea where to begin, what to do and how to do it. I somehow shortlisted a few moving companies I talked to all of them and none of them sounded very convincing until I called the Movers La these people really knew what they were talking about. The entire idea was so simple and I decided to trust them to help me move. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. They packed, stored and delivered. I am so grateful to their helpful staff for everything they did for me! "


31 Jan 2016

"What an incredible bunch of movers."

"I would hire them again; they made the entire moving experience so simple! Loved how they did everything and most importantly with so much care. "


25 Jan 2016

"Movers La helped us move 7 offices in 14 days."

"Everything was done perfectly. There were no scratches or scuffs on any of the material. The packing was impeccable. Will definitely be working with them again. "


20 Jan 2016

"They were so careful with our things even more careful that we would have been. "

"The way these people wrapped our material and then carefully unpacked it for us at the new house was impressive. Nothing was damaged or missing. I would use them again! "


18 Jan 2016

"We had to move three times in a year. "

"It seemed like the worst thing in the world but with Movers La it was a breeze. Literally everything was done so proper and with care that my husband and I were amazed. They have the best staff, the most helpful manager who explained to us how everything will be done. A proper schedule was made and it was religiously followed. We will definitely be hiring these guys again. "


16 Jan 2016

"Movers La has been my savior for the past two years"

"I travel a lot hence I have to move a lot. I don't like traveling but my work requires me to move from one place to another. Movers La is my go-to place for all sorts of moving issues and their amazing crew has won me over! "

kristoffer winters

5 Jan 2016

"Best moving service ever!!! Arranged my move just by calling them on the phone. "

"They were super organized. I needed some details on the insurance policy, which was also sorted out in no time. The two guys who came over to set up were efficient, competent and careful with my things. The move came in well below estimate. I have moved many times but this time it was an amazing experience. The crew was terrific! "

David Simmons

01 Jan 2016

"The proposal was detailed and provided me with the cost and the estimate. "

"The great thing about these people was there was no extra charge. They committed to everything they said. They were always prompt and professional each time I asked questions. The moving and packing was done well. I highly recommend these people to anyone who needs help with moving. "

Drsim Mons

25 Oct 2015

"My major concern when hiring a moving company is punctuality. "

" I wanted a company that cared for their client's precious time. I can't deal with unprofessional sloppy work. These people were brilliant! They were on time, strictly followed their schedule and most importantly they were exactly in my budget. A perfect pain-free moving experience! "

Deona Simmons

01 Sep 2015

"After using a couple of movers in my lifetime. "

"I will never use any other company but Movers La. I have had some awful moving experiences in the past but these guys were amazing. They knew what they were doing, they were careful with my stuff and they finished the job on time. Movers La is now my favorite moving service! "

Mickeal Vicks

27 May 2015

"Strongly recommended! I must confess "

" I have had terrible experiences in the past but these guys proved me wrong. I never believed I'd be composing a testimonial for these movers but here you go these guys were outstanding, they were hardworking, professional and honest! "

Mr Deanes

09 Feb 2014

"Many thanks to these guys for providing an impeccable moving service. "

"They did an amazing job with meticulously packing my things and transferring them to the desired destination. Excellent customer service! "

Darrell Darrel

25 Jun 2014

"I would like to say thanks to Movers La for their professional assistance "

" During the time of relocation from New York to Florida my boyfriend and I were having financial problems. We wanted help with moving but we couldn't afford an over the top expensive moving service. We wanted someone reliable but extremely good at their job. We were almost sure we would never find a reliable moving service with the budget that we have. When Movers La got into contact with me, they were quiet happy, they assured me that everything will be on schedule, no time and money will be wasted. The associate on the phone was so brilliant with explaining everything and answering all of my questions. I was sold! I decided to hire them, there was no extra charge on my bill and the job was done exactly like we wanted. Thank you guys so much for your brilliant services. "

Dave Davies

26 Apr 2013

"Thank you Movers La! You guys did an excellent service during our relocation! "

"I was worried in the beginning but after looking through moving companies and the awful stories about moving companies our friends told we were so scared of asking for help from a moving service. Movers La did a great job, we landed in safe hands and we can't be happier. Highly recommended! "

Alaine Iverson

25 Mar 2013

"I used Movers La last week. I was very impressed with them. "

" I would highly recommend them to anyone. They finished the work sooner than expected, were very professional and took excellent care of my stuff. "

Allison Gassler

14 Mar 2013

"Thank you so very much for such job well done. "

"Typically a move is quiet hectic and stressful however you guys made it so easy. Thank you for an outstanding job! "

Susan Mullin

5 Jan 2012

"I wanted a company, which was flexible with timings. "

" I'm a doctor and it's very hard to keep a set schedule. I work day shifts and sometimes I'm called in at night so I had no idea when to schedule a move with a moving service. I asked them if I could call them on a very short notice and they agreed. I wasn't too sure how good their services will be but I hired them anyways. I was very short on time. I knew moving is extremely tedious and I was even willing to help the crew. The job they did was phenomenal! I didn't even have to speak once. They knew what they were doing and finished the job in half of the time I expected! Thank you Movers La for your amazing service!! "

Natalia Konsecki

25 Sep 2012

"I can't even be more pleased with how Movers La helped with my things. "

"Majority of my things at home were of my grand mother. They were antiques; some of the decoration pieces are very expensive. I wasn't too sure if a company could handle the kind of things I had at home. A friend recommended Movers La to me and I decided to hire them. There prices seemed fair and the crew was professional and well trained. Loved how they handled all of my antique pieces I was very concerned about. They made sure they packed them properly, none of the pieces were damaged at the desired destination which was a relief. Thank you guys for your service! "

Mya Sanchez

22 Sep 2011

"Used them while moving from Virginia to New York"

" Staff was clear about what was needed. Certainly going to use them again! "

Darry Daryls

23 Aug 2011

"This is the 3rd time I have used Movers La for relocating. "

"The team was quick and careful and finished the job in time "

Jimmy Conrads

16 Aug 2011

"These guys are the best! Movers La has the best staff"

" careful, intelligent, well trained and professional. They know how to deal with a client making relocation a stress-free experience. "

Mike Vitars

25 Jul 2010

"Our move went so well; I was not expecting such a well-trained staff "

"You guys have some extremely amazing people working for you. I appreciate your efficiency and professionalism through the process "

Clayton Snyders

21 Jul 2010

"I'd hire them in an instant! They carry everything so there no damage on the floors"

" walls or any other appliances around the house. They will do everything to make sure you get what you want. The staff will bend over backwards for you! Save yourself the time and grief of moving and hire them! "

David Elans

12 Feb 2010

"I was bit skeptical about hiring a moving service however my boyfriend and I had no other choice but to hire someone to help. "

"You guys have some extremely amazing people working for you. I appreciate your efficiency and professionalism through the process "

David Milons

15 May 2014